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Durso Perverso hexed my report

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Bloody Ref, he even hexed this site tonight. I spent ages trying to get on without any luck.

Doc''s was a pen but he was unlucky to catch his studs in the turf else it would have been a clean tackle. Grounds and Drury should have gt to Adebola but both were brushed off to easily. Marshy at fault but also made a couple of good stops later on.

Drury was as much use as a wheelie bin most of the match and was skinned time and again by their wide man. However he was taken right out by Bradley Orre who would been done for ABH had it happened anywhere but on a football field. Durso Perverso made little attempt to look unbiased. He gave us a few decisions where it didn''t matter but everything else was seen through red and white glasses.. It was embarrassingly one sided reffing even by his standards.

Crofty was my MOM with Cort and Wes also putting in good shifts especially when playing 10 against 11. Unfortunately it was 10 against 12 but we all knew that was likely before we even kicked off.

I thought Bristol were a decent side but all pretence of a fair match was ended by the intervention of Mr. Perverso. If he refs here again I shall make a point of having a day out far from CR as this sort of agro does my head in (not to mention my poor old ticker).

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