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Lets face most managers are overrated, overpaid failures.......

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Which is why I think the board may have cracked it after a long, long trail of disasterous football decisions. Despite all the moaning who else were we going to get? Who would it be that would show "ambition"?

Jewell or Boothroyd/Malky - yep lets recruit from these who may have already done enough to keep us out of Div 1 by creating at Watford & Derby two sides that are probably worse than we are.

Ince - very expenesive for a man that Blackburn couldn''t get rid of fast enough.

Curbishley - left a good legacy at Charlton didn''t he.

Some Scottish guy no one had heard of.

Holloway - ?????????

Dowie - ??????????? again

Some young manager on the way up - no chance.

Someone out of a job because he had been sacked - yes that is right.

The club built something on continuity with Bond>Brown>Stringer>Walker that crashed and burned with Robert Chase. Worthy/Grant and the current board hollowed out what Worthy achieved and left an empty shell. Perhaps this could be where we start to fill that gap.

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