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Kim Briscoe

Arrdee's family "overwhelmed" by the tributes posted here

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Trying to think of something to say about ardee, but instead thought I would use an example.  On seeing I wasn''t taking my due responsibility to raise money for the academy seriously, ardee emailed me with...
"Andy you lovely old boy I wonder why you never come on the Free Bet pages, I am sure watching your postsyou know more than most about football. Andy you don''t know what you are missing, we are all like family on the Free Bet pages all united in our love of our great club. I know you love our great club don''t you Andy?and want to help the one and only Norwich City? You can help our wonderful Academy by making a selection of one team you think will win this weekend....arrdee."Sort of sums him up for me - flattering, kind, inclusive and welcoming to all.  A proper Gent. 

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