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Norwich City Priorities...

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Championship survival (i don''t agree with posts of league one will be good for us) relegation would be a disaster for the club and for the city of Norwich.New Players with less than two weeks of the window left open, we need to strengthen the squad for the remainder of the season, by means of loans or purchases.The Management and Board come the end of the season the ''pink un forum'' will again be a buzz with the same posts that have been published since Mr Roedents sacking, we will need stability within the club and a manager who feels secure in a reasonable contract.All of the above are crucial to the survival of our club, i feel that loan signings are an asset, but we need to head back to the days when we produced players that were admired country wide.  We were responsible for nurturing such players in days gone by that have been reluctantly sold by the club from under the managements noses, especially in the days of Mr Chase.  Well Mr Chase has gone, but 3 of his era have just been appointed to the club and surely have an idea how it used to be so successful.  Lets get behind the club in whole and start building for the future.Any other priorities out there???

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