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Roeder - stay or go ?

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The club have a decision to make over the future of Glenn Roeder, that much is obvious. But if they are to get rid of him they must do it now.

With these 3 vital matches coming up even the arrival Mike Bassett would give the team a lift. To wait till after these games could be disastrous.

People are saying Roeder is using his previous illness as a sympathy card to deflect away criticism. I do not agree with this, the truth is serious illness does change your outlook on life. You do not worry about the small things in life as you had done.  

It does make you stronger as a person when things go wrong but it can also make you somewhat selfish. The truth is you need to be so careful, and what I mean by that is you do not do things just because of a "it must be right because I say so" situation. 

And before Mr R  says  I don''t know what I am talking about, after 10 months chemotherapy & radiotherapy I think I do.

For instance today in the paper he refered to Jamie Cureton as "there is one at Barnsley" ie loan player why can he not refer to him by his name ? It is so unneccessary.

I do agree finding the money to pay off Glenn Roeder  would be difficult but I do believe this weeks Barnsley game could be to Roeder what Burnley was to Nigel and QPR was to Granty, time will tell.

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