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Sport desk Pete's "Pro Roeder Post"!

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If you don''t read it there..................


I''m a Roeder fan, he knows football especially the stars of tomorrow!

When he was appointed here it was because nobody wanted the job and he is a good short term fire fighter, he knows it and so do we!

Our precious owners and board of directors hoped for security in the league until they could find investment, but due to there once again failure to open themselves to financial help they have buried themselves and us the true owners of this club.

Glenn Roeder can walk away with his annual pay-off knowing he done all he could, if you want to blame him go ahead but NCFC''s problem do not fall at his door, i have posted numerous times about this only to be shot down and i''m sure it will happen again.

I agree with all comments regarding his "PR" but what else did he have?

The board never ever supported him, they just wanted him to streamline the team on the pitch while they decimated the off field parts except Delia''s business concerns!

I''m 110% a true supporter and have been following this club since 1969 when i was picking up fag-butts on the river end railway sleepers with my father "RIP 13/4/08" thank heavens he did''nt have to see the same troubles again in his lifetime.


So good luck Glenn i''m sure you will find an appointment again soon


OTBC since 1969

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