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What the Watford fans said.....

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I asked for opinions on Aidy Boothroyd and this is what they said:

did try and play more football this season but the players we had couldnt copenot great in the transfer market has a scatter gun approach and likes players who need a "cuddle"

Mainly hoofball and although we supposedly played football this season

when you see Rodgers style you see that we still practically played

Hoofball still.If you have the right player hoofball can work

as Aidy showed in our promotion season with players like

Henderson,KIng,Foster and to add abit of flair Ashley Young but on the

whole it hasnt done too great.Aidy is very stubborn and wont

usually take advice from anyone and only likes yesmen as whenever

someone wanted us to play passing football that worked at Watford they

would be sacked.He is also poor in the transfer market and has

made alot of very poor signings for us but to be fair has made a few

good ones but not enough.Apperently within football he is more hated then Warnock and Pulis.

Aidy is a good manager and I believe he will be even better second time

around, if you get him, consider yourself lucky and I wouldnt bet

against you getting promoted within a couple fo seasons.

Aidy will always give his best and is great when it comes to the

community stuff and approachability. He''ll also give younger players a

chance and if nothing else will give you a laugh with some of the stuff

he comes out with. And if he stumbles across the right formula you''re

no doubt onto a winner.However, his signings seem to be a

matter of quantity over quality and he had a reputation for not

listening to his obscenely large and expensively assembled backroom

staff. I also think that over his 3.5yrs he stuck by some players too

long and others bizarrely barely got a look in. There was no rhyme or

reason to it. Tactically he was predictable by the end of his time here

and he also seemed to be about 15 mins too late making substitutions

the fans could see were needed ages back. How much of that was

first job syndrome and how much was Aidy the Manager we''ll never know

until he''s been and gone from his second job.
He''s a poor manager with lots to learn. He struck gold with one set of

tactics- the hoofball, but was pretty clueless when he tried to change

it.He may learn and become a success with Norwich or elsewhere,

but I''d say that it''s equally likely that he''d do a pretty poor job.

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Good judges then. 


Boothroyd was Worthingtons yes man when he was here, and also the reason Sammy Morgan got sacked from the academy was because he fell out with ''Ade'' and ''Ade'' walked, leaving Nigel fuming. 


Oh well, a return to Worthington style football looking more likely by the minute!

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[quote user="Delia S. Tickers"]A lot of those comments could be said about Roeder.[/quote]Hmm, frighteningly close, except that Roeder seemed respected within the game. AB did do well for a spell with Watford but there''s precious little else to recommend him. Christ, we''ve got to get it right this time. I say Curbs or someone in as a temporary til the end of the season and see who''s available then.

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[quote user="Delia S. Tickers"]A lot of those comments could be said about Roeder.[/quote]

Plus ca change.

A manager cannot listen to every opinion and act on it. Therefore, there will always be people who claim he is stubborn and doesn''t listen to advice. Just like fans want a manager who is a strong leader, but can also be influenced. Just like some fans say ''stick with the team, don''t chop and change every week'' and some say ''these players should be dropped if they''re not performing''.

I guess you have to take the longer view. History suggests that a manager who gets over 40% win rate is doing well. I think Roeder was nearer 30% with Norwich, so that''s all that matters ultimately...

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another one
it is a total myth that he only played hoofball.in the promotion season he played direct football and not long ball, there is a big difference. the

tactic was to get the ball forward as quickly as possible to the

wingers which was usually on the deck, who then provided the crosses

for king and henderson to put away.when we got in the premiership, we started to move from direct to long ball and that was his downfall.if he kept with the direct play, he probably would still be in a job as we''d have been promoted last year.obviously losing young and kings knee injury which ruined him for us, where big turning points tooHide the money 
The last one wont be a problem, Delia is that good at hide and seek that he will never find it.

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