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Are we Premier League?

The fans definitely are Premier League, no question, for all the obvious reasons.

The stadium & facilities are Premier class, both at Carrow Rd and Colney, given a second tier on the City stand which has been planned. Many Premier clubs would welcome our facilities both on match days and non match days.


Owners & Board of directors are inexperienced at the Premiership level.

Manager has not proven to be successful at Championship or Premiership level.

Coaching staff are largely inexperienced and have not experienced success at Premier level.

Players, although some of the players apear to be talented at times, they don''t generally seem to be playing their best for the manager or the fans, it would be hard to imagine most of the current squad being successful in the Premier League.

What needs to happen?


A Director of Football type post needs to be created, with someone who has experience at being successful in the Premier League (insert your hero''s name here, someone who is a winner and a communicator ie. Dublin) to advise the board on football matters and appointing managers / staff etc. And assist in media reltions keeping the fans and media onside. This will help the board to get the right personnel in, ie. winners, and to ensure the club is going in the right direction.

A new manager needs to be appointed, by the Director of Football, who has experience at being successful at the highest level.

Start recruiting winners on the pitch rather than the cycle we have got into of expensive loan signings and letting players fester then go for free after only playing briefly for us.

I might have got it terribly wrong, after all I have to confess, I have not had a tenure as England Manager. However, rather than just being critical and seeing the difficult position most clubs are in, I personally think this might help provide a solution which will help our club move forward.


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In most cases in this Country the few director of football posts have not worked out well!


Otherwise I see your point, but the club have asked Dave Stringers advice when making managerial decisions including the disasterous decision to appoint Roeder!

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