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listen (formerly MG7)

Why are some transfer fees are disclosed, and others undisclosed?

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Depends on club policy.

Some clubs'' financial structure (for example, those quoted on the stockmarket) can require them to make details that might affect the share price (like buying or selling players for millions) public knowledge. Others, like Arsenal, prefer to choose what everyone knows about their business and haven''t listed on the stockmarket, and so prefer to keep any transfer fees paid or received undisclosed as part of the contract, when possible.

Also, welcome back to the Premiership, and best of luck for the new season (except against us, obviously). Take good care of Bentley - he needs to toughen up, but try not to let some hulking psycho cripple him - most of us have high hopes and would quite like him back in one piece at some point.

Oh, and please get him a haircut.

See you on the 28th.

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