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Damn I wish I had found this message board earlier.

Must say that I am impressed with Worthy - I still think he is the management find of the last 10 years and he never disappoints the fans.

Reading way back even when we signed Huckerby he was said to be sold on where Worth wants to take the club. Now he has the chance and he is not disappointing. His shrewdness shines through and I don''t think he has taken on a player that hasn''t worked (except Hammond but everyone can have one mistake).

Very excited about next weekend and the chance to prove we do belong in the top flight.

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Well said. I have to hold my hands up, I was dead against Worthys appointment from day 1.
Thankfully, he has proven me wrong and I am proud to have the man as our manager. He is
almost unique in modern day football, a manager who doesn''t need to whinge and moan when things go against us, and who is us proud as us to be associated with our club. He has managed to take a less than average div 1 side, and transform us in to a premiership team once again in a relatively short space of time. I can''t thank Nigel, Delia, Micheal, Roger & everyone else at the club enough for what they have done for US and our fine city ( NOT second city ! ).
With Worthys astute dealings over the summer, I am more than confident we can hold our own next season, and have a wonderful time doing so !

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