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The Alternative Christmas Song

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Gone away is the worthy,

Here to stay is a numpty,

He talks a good game,

as we lose away,

walking in a Roeder wonderland.


At the colney, he can build a crap side,

Then pretend that it is really good

He''ll say: Are you stupid?

we''ll say: Yes man,

Cos you can do the job

That no-one can.


Later on, we''ll conspire,

as we dream by the fire,

To face, so afraid,

the plans that we''ve made,

walking in a League One Wonderland.


The Fans Sing, are you watching,

in the stand, she’s not listening,

A Horrific Sight

we''re crying tonight,

walking in a Roeder Wonderland


Repeat Verse One


At the Colney, he can say he’s built a good side,

But, We really know he is a circus clown,

He’ll have lots of fun with all his loan men,

Until we get to May and then go down,


When we lose, it aint thrilling

Radio Narfolk, don’t give him a grilling,

We’ll Carry on to play, the Charlton Way,

Walking in Our Boards Wonderland.


Walking in a Roeder Wonderland

Walking in a League One Wonderland

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