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Will it be a Happy New Year

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On goals on Sunday on Sky this morning Ian Dowie is talking about when he took over at palace in 2004,they were 5 points away from the drop zone and come the end of the season they finished in the play offs and went up,the just took an look at the final table and to see Norwich city at the top on 96 points just seems like a life time ago, it made me feel both pride and anger at the same time and just reminded me of how far we have fallen in the past four years, in all honesty we are moving backwards rather than forwards after the season in the top flight and after another poor year in 2008 and no investors coming to save us how can we look forward to a Happy New Year, i have lost all my energy and fight to try and stay positive and how so many can still look at the club and remain positive is beyond me but fair play to you, i''m, not having a go (too much of fan V fan this year) it just amazes me that week after week we stay at the bottom of the table and so many are happy. As for the new year, well we all have to hope that we stay up at the start of 2009 and come June the club will have found investment or a least enough money to stay clear of another relegation fight come the end of 2009.

To all Norwich City fans,whether Positive or Negative lets hope we all have a Happy New Year and we the fans get back to supporting the club as one and that we get a team worthy of our support.

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