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James Kent


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I feel there is way to much negative thoughts from the fans on the eve of the season and a lot of fear we are going be riped apart by everyone. We do not truly know how we will adapt to the Premier League but we have a fighting chance of a sucessful season, if that means staying up in 17th or finishing mid table we just have to see.

I for one am not thinking about relegation for a second cos I think we are better than at least 3 sides. People seem to think we haven''t spent enough money, but its not how much you spend but the quality you get in.

Now a lot of people seem to think our defence isn''t good enough, but I think we are better than people think. Most teams who have a dodgy defense, also had one in the first div it didn''t suddendly become aparent in the Premier league. Take Charlton they have manged to bidge the gap gradually and did soo pretty much with what they have in their first season, we can do this too. Make no mistake the team spirit will take us a long way this season

I''m very happy with the squad maybe an extra striker and centre half wouldn''t hurt, but even if we don''t add anymore, there is no fear. We should be excited for the challenge and not fearful. Lets looking at a possible starting 11.

GK Green - Name me a better keeper at this level
DR Helveg - maybe not the best, but he is still quality and if one of the top four signed him I don''t think we would be too suprized.
DL Drury - as good as cole or bridge in defense, but needs to add a little going forward, big year for him.
DC Fleming - he''s the rock and I expect big things
DC Charlton - Been there before knows how to stay in this league
ML Bentley - the 19 year old will want to prove he is good enough for the arsenal first team, his pace and trickery will be a huge asset.
MR Jonson - wait and see, another great coup from nigel we could finally have a consistant, pacy winger.
MC Francis - liken him to viera, strong commanding player, big year for him.
MC Holt - never tires, if he can get more goals we wpuld have a real player.
ST Hucks - his goals will be vital he can get them, less pressure to create with Bentley and Jonson.
ST Svensson - get the right service and he will score in the prem I have no doubt.

we are good enough to stay in this league, we can score goals. In my view they aren''t many water tight defences so lets have a go and see where it takes us.

Views welcome


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I think staying up would be like winning the League of rus this year. I do believe we will shock a few, but we MUST NOT be downhearted if we have no points after the first 5 games. Its 40 games not five. Keep believing and playing the sort of football, Norwich City have always played.

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I agree on the positive note............we have much to be proud of at the moment and we siand on the threshold of what could be a great season.
In overall terms we have a very good team...........obviously the best from last season''s division. However, the difference in class of player between where we are to where we have been is huge. Half of Euro 2004 will play at CR soon!
What we have is a team that has been put together bit by bit by a man and a board that belive in itself rather than by those that just throw money at a situation because they can. We should be proud and positive for them, the team and for ourselves.
Yes it will be tough for our defence with some of the lighteningly fast attackers they will come up against. Yes Hucks will not be able to stroll past defenders as he did last season. Yes we will not see as many wins as last season.............but with self-belief and the extra class added by NW (hopefully some more to come) we will be more successful than some think we will be - particularly some binners I know!
So........we will be truly behind the team, whatever it is, come the first game and carry it on throughout the season. For whatever happens, we have we waited a long time to be back up there and we will enjoy every breathing moment....................

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