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Pedro Pig

Stand construction

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My mate who''s a builder sayes that he and a team of workmen have been spending this week working on a facelift for the River End stand. It has involved lots of wood, but the finished article looks very much like an early Anglo Saxon settlement complete with central church, fat friars and a sandy ''beaching'' area in the 16 yrd area.
Said worthy...i wanted the new lads to feel at home, so please can all river end ticket holders please wear peasant smocks, bring their livestock, and generally make ''we want to be pillaged noises'' whilst displaying large quantities of gold artifacts and voluptuous women.
The line was drawn at the possibility of rowing a longship across the pitch as the groundsman complained that the keel was marking the new surface. However worthy is keen on the new
1 2 2 3 2 1 formation which fans out into 11 formation charge on reaching the penalty area.
The players seem to have accepted this new style of play, although flem complained his horned helmet punctured balls whilst jumping for headers,WLY''s shield was bigger than him and greeno had a nasty incident when he bent down to retrieve the ball in the back of the net. Several anxious moments were spent whilst the physio extracted him and his helmet from the nets clutches.


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