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Youre wrong

Sack Delia, sack the board, sack the manager, sell the players and then sack ourselves.

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Roeder has had a year now to make the significant progress with the team and has failed on numerous issues including failure to lift the mood of the club, his man management skills leave a lot to be desired, the selling of a club legend, and obviously the results and position have seen very little improvement. However there are positives, the players he has signed and squad he has put together on paper is very good for the money he has spent, although far too reliant on loans as we all know. We play at times very good football, although we failed to see that against Forest. I also think that Roeder tries too much with the football we play and there has to be a balance of good passing football and direct play, however currently when we are under the cosh and try and go a bit more long ball and a bit more direct we only have Lita upfront with very little support from the midfield making it worthless to send it long to small striker albeit with a very good leap. There are obvious cracks in the squad and I''m hoping Roeder will put these right in January and we will have a few players in positions that desperately need filling. Roeder spoke before the season about the need for a bit of muscle in a weak team and yet he brings in Bell, Hooly, Loops, OJ, Plastic, and Omozusi who are all ridiculously lightweight and then he refuses to play some of them because they are out muscled in a league full of strong physical players

I would neither be upset ot pleased about Roeder departing, I suppose it would all depend on who replaces him. I think Roeder has created a better 1st team than we had under Grant but there are weaknesses all over the pitch, especially with the injuries we have had. I think we will stay up with Roeder in charge and for that reason would probably opt for him to stay because slowly I believe he will put a decent squad together. But I don''t envisage him taking us up, I don''t think he can motivate his players enough to go on the kind of run that gets you promotion, so is it worth keeping someone that probably will never bring us success?

If we could get someone like Martinez I would be all for that.Other possible candidates with a history of some sort of promotion success would be - Boothroyd and Malky combo which I can see the attraction of Malky but would be hesitant with the history of Boothroyd''s type of football. Then there''s Pardew, Jewell, Dowie, Davies (a big no no), Curbs, Keane, Tilson and Ince.

All the above have got a club promoted before, something Roeder hasn''t achieved. Do we want any of them as none of them would be perfect and some of them may be out of our league. If we were to go for a new man it would have to be someone who has previously built a successful promotion side and can build a decent team on a small budget, I think what has made everyone negative towards Roeder is his history of failure after the first season and no real track record of notable success. We don''t know what a 3rd season will bring for Roeder''s methodology at a club, it could be where everything comes together, do we have the time and patience to wait and see?

My verdict to sit tight unless we get worse than we currently are in both position and results. I know Roeder tries his best to be unliked by the fans and he is very perverse in doing so. I have no doubt he really wants to make a success of it at Norwich and is very fond of the kind of club we are, the reason he went for us in the 1st place.

Delia and the board

This one is a lot more straight forward for me, the board lack a lot of things, and have made errors that suggest a lack of footballing knowledge and business acumen. However all their mistakes have been for the right reasons. Those who say Delia is in it for her own publicity and doesn''t care for the club are absolutely wrong, idiotic morons. Those who say they haven''t put enough of their wealth in, are often those who don''t even put ticket money into our club or don''t spend a penny in the club shop. You do nothing for me and need to shut the fu[k up, not saying you can''t have opinion, but if you don''t put any money into the club you cannot criticise someone who has put in 12m in the last 10 years or so.

Yes we want success and yes we all want to be rich but it has to be the right person with the right intentions and there''s not many around who fit the description. I know Delia irritates a lot of people and she doesn''t do herself any favours like the Man city halftime travesty or the Royal show outburst. However she is someone I trust along with Wynn Jones and Foulger to do what''s is right for our club.

She will sell at somepoint, hopefully sooner rather than later but I''d rather it be later, if it means getting the right owner. Forcing the boards hand now without the right person waiting in the wings would be disastrous for our club. This really is the time to be careful what you wish for.

The Players and fans

I think the players are putting the effort in at the moment but do seem to lack a killer instinct and winning mentality but that''s the managers fault not the players. It''s up to Roeder to set up the players in the right frame of mind to cross the white line and win at all costs. Not, play some nice football, work hard and shake hands at the end of the game.. I don''t like booing but believe there''s a time and place for it, e.g half and full time whistles. Booing individual players on our own team is utterly ridiculous, I think Fozzy''s performance against Palace just sums up the negative effect booing has on a player, it wasn''t that he was that bad against Palace, it was because he barely touched the ball and was hiding from a hiding from the fans. Fozzy was a good player last season and is now the poorest midfielder we have seen in a long time, yes Roeder and Mark need to take the blame for this but us as fans do to.

What ever happened to FCR? When did we decide to lose the F, did I miss a meeting? For the last 4-5 years we have done ourselves an injustice as fans and we have all seen seasons gone before where FCR has been electric. Yes we often need something to get us going but lets face it our vocal support has been poor at home even with such high numbers coming through the turnstiles. Against Ipswich we created a fantastic atmosphere and look at the response from the players, am I foolish to make a connection there? Don''t get me wrong the team in the last 4 years has not given us anything to shout or sing about but as we have shown against Ipswich we can really make a difference, all of us. Not protesting or swearing outside the city stand at a middle aged chief exucitive standing with his family, but inside getting behind the team and really trully making a difference.

I think now is the time to stick together, there''s a lot of division amongst the fans at the moment and we all need to take a step back from this blame culture and this 21st century need for quick success. Yes criticise when it''s necessary and yes don''t allow staff at the club to get complacent on whatever job they are doing but we must be sensible and realistic to take this club forward. Forcing Delia out will get us nowhere, forcing Roeder out may get us somewhere but do we take that risk and as fans we need to look at ourselves sometimes. There are some tough times ahead and what we don''''t need is to turn on each other like what goes on throughout internet msg boards and has started to creep into Carrow Road, lets leave all our hatred for the scum down the road.

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Great at last a well thought out and constructive post. Where has fortress Carrow Road gone the same way as the fans being one and being behind the club and the team through thick and thin.

We did well getting to the premier league and we had apart from the Fulham game a good crack at staying there. We spent money and we would all wish we could have spent more and we all can look back and say well we should have done this or that but how many fans would admit to doing that in their own lives. We all make mistakes and we all misjudge things from time to time.

Currently we seem to have the majority of the fans trying to destroy the club. Where do these fans think the investment will come from in such bad financial times? So what shall we do? Give up? If the fans really love the club they will back it for as long as it takes for Delia and Co to find someone willing to buy the club or someone willing to invest.   


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