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The Fish Seller

Stop blubbing Cureton you are not good enough to lead the Norwich attack.

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I''m fed up reading that Roeder has destroyed the strike talent that is Jamie Cureton including todays blub that he wasn''t given a chance so I had a look at the official website not wiki to see just exactly how much of a chance JC has had and what GR has done to destroy him since that hat trick against Colchester. Incidentally in the year 2007-2008 JC''s strike rate was 50% better under Glenn Roeder than under Peter Grant but first the hard facts.Since Colchester JC has made the following appearances in a yellow shirt.Total apps- 21Mins on pitch- 950Goals - 0Matches started 9Sub- 12Sub-not used 3Jamie scored and was not played in the next match 0 times during this period (unlike certain others).GR made Jamie Captain for the Ipswich match on the 13th April, a proud day for JC and hardly the behaviour of someone intent on destroying him.During these matches the Clubs record was P24 W6 D5 L13 points = 23 points, points per game = 0.96, points per (46 game) season = 44 Relegation form.Then I looked at his record with BarnsleyTotal apps - 7Mins on pitch-533Goals-2strike rate 1 in 3.5 (JC''s career championship average rate coincidentally)Matches started -6As sub - 1Sub not used 0So Jamie has needed a whopping 1483 minutes of Championship football to score the two goals which some people seem to think is a pretty good return.The wonderful new regime at Barnsley have got Jamie not into hot goalscoring form as some might believe but playing to exactly his career average for this division that is 1 goal in every 3.5 games.As a 1 in 3.5 Champs striker JC is decidely average at 12-13 goals per season.We would need to field four strikers each match with this strike rate to achieve a goal scoring record good enough to challenge for promotion.As a comparison Leroy Lita and Robert Earnshaw are both 1 in 1.8 game strikers at this level but again the mathematics tell me we need two such strikers per game to compete.We are in trouble but Jamie Cureton is not the answer except as a third striker behind two more competent goalscorers.I think there''s still a place for him at our club but that place isn''t neccesarily in the starting lineup and certainly cannot be main striker.

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