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Roeder = Arrogance, inconsistancy,lack of faith,a man trying to be tough but going the wrong way about it etc etc etc I could go on!!!

Yes I know we have no money to rid of him blah, blah, blah but why did we get him in the first place?? Did the board speak to former players who served under Roeder?? Obviously not.

A team simply can''t perform when they are constantly under the threat that if they make a mistake thats it, there off the next minute or not included in the next game!! Prime example is Cureton. At Norwich he is replaced by a donkey "Siberski" who plays rubbish every week and still gets a game. If Cureton is on the pitch its "one mistake and you are off!!" Thats not fair is it?????

Its no suprise that when Cureton goes off to Barnsley he scores, the whole dressing room attitude must be good. I have spoken to former club representatives who were cleared out by and played under Roeder, they dont like him. If you are not his blued eyed boy or suck his penis then you have no chance!!!!!

It was a bad idea to appoint Roeder, now we can''t do anything about it!! Oh Dear!!!!!!!





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Well the team seem to have been playing quite well without getting results. Maybe if we''d have had Stefanovic and Kennedy fit, we''d be able to defend the good work going on in midfield and up front, relieving a bit of pressure. Hate to put it so simply, but maybe there isn''t a conspiracy to send us down - maybe we''ve got some good players who have started to gel but just miss some solidity at the back. Stranger things have happened...

Roeder has to believe he''s right, otherwise there''d be no point in doing what he does. Wenger, Fergie, O''Neill, all arrogant, all pretty hated by the fans for their ''attitude'' but time has told. Roeder has never been a manager who isn''t under pressure, but that isn''t his fault - it''s what he''s walked into. How about we let him get on with it - and see what he can do with a bit of stability, instead of looking to find someone to blame. It takes years to create a good side, but you have to be left to get on with it - and be allowed to make mistakes along the way.

The alternative is that we could talk ourselves into relegation - which most people on this forum would be very good at, and so maybe they should be the managers?

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