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listen (formerly MG7)

A few points / questions..

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For those that were lucky enough to be at the game (I''m exiled in London, and had my own pre-season friendly for Wembley today!), I have a few questions:

- What was the new surface like? Did it look as good as it''s reported to be?

- Did Nigel stick with the 4-4-2 formation, or was he a little more adventurous?

- Were you concerned by the performance? Only asking because Mallorca got well beaten not only by Middlesbrough (3-1), but also by Leicester (4-2) in their previous games. I know it doesn''t necessarily mean a lot, but I''m just curious as to whether we were unlucky / outplayed.

Also, a couple of general points:

- Worthy said on the official website that he has ''already decided on his first choice starting eleven for next Saturday''s opener with Crystal Palace''. What does this mean about any more potential signings? Is he confident about securing signatures in time? If he is, does this mean the players won''t be good enough to get into the first team?

- Look on Goal.com for ''exclusive'' interviews with Worthy, Helveg and Bentley. They are actually quite good (I don''t work for them, but I''m sure everyone would appreciate the chance to read them!)


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Bit apprehensive about replying MG7 but here goes ;-) Only kidding

The pitch looked amazing, plastic almost. It really did look like Kennilworth Road or Loftus Road in the late 80s, only without the dodgy bounce! Talking of dodgy bounces I see that we''re using the Premier League football which is the same as the Euro 2004 football. Hopefully the players have got used to the dodgy bounce!

As far as I could make out Worthy stuck to the 4-4-2 pretty religiously! He made lots of substitutions but they were always like for like- Huckerby for Jarvis, Malky for Flem, Shackell for Charlton etc. I could be wrong, but I would guess that Worthy is still a big fan of the 4-4-2 and will stick with it in the Prem. It could change with the addition of Jonson and Hucks now back to full fitness, but I doubt it.

I wasn''t too concerned about the result yesterday. In fact its the first time for a very long time I can remember coming home from Carrow Road after losing and still being in a pretty good mood!! At times we dominated the game. McVeigh had several chances in the first half and Hucks made a few surging runs in the second. It had 0-0 written all over it until the unfortunate goal. Who knows theough, that goal might have done us good. We might now adopt the policy of having a player in front of the free kick taker until Greeno has lined up his wall?

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