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Delia, When Do I Start??

Roeders Team selection - how does he do it?

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he chooses russell(midfielder) ahead of lupoli(striker) and sibby ahead of other norwich full signed players! i think that mr glenn rodent picks his favourite players ahead of the best team, or the best players more than the best team!

any prem / champ / league 1/2 manager would put lupoli ahead of russell to play up front and would not play only 1 up front at a home match vs notts forest!!!

at home it must be 2 up front, we must attack when we play at home for many reasons, they are because 1, the players are infront of their fans and SHOULD get a buzz from the 24k+ that turn up! secondly the pitch should be the correct size for how norwich play so why does he play 1 up front when he needs 2??!!!!!!??


If I was gaffer just for saturdays game --


semi             omozusi        DOC          drury


croft                     hoolahan               bell

                        lupoli         sibierski


Subs - nelson, lappin,russell , pattision, cort

alhough if - cureton, renton, martin,were all here they woud feature ahead of loanees.

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