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listen (formerly MG7)

Why we didn't sign Macho

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I missed this the first time round - not sure if it was reported on the Pink''Un website?

According to bbc.co.uk, Worthington didn''t go for Macho because

"He had his injury last season and I was not 100% clear on that situation even though he is fit again. I thought it was too much of a risk from the club''s point of view to take someone on after that type of injury."

http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/n/norwich/3926751.stm is the link.

Wonder when Ward was contacted, then? And I also wonder why Worthington invited him for a trial, knowing about his injury problems. Maybe something happened in training to make Worthington''s mind up. If he simply wasn''t good enough, though, then surely Worthy would have just said so?

Any thoughts?

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