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I think we need someone who bleeds yellow and green

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I think Roeder has well and truly lost the plot if the team have anywhere near the contempt that the fans have at the moment it is it any wonder that we are so dreadful currently.

I cannot believe people are honestly saying we are better than we were last year. on paper maybe but as we all know football is played on grass not paper.

I am not concerned with the management capabilities of the person to replace Roeder just the motivational skills and someone who understands the club.

Ideally someone like Bowen but Crooky , Malky or even Iwan would certainly be better than Roeder.

I cant imagine things can get lower. No Players , No Cash , A board who have wasted money and sold all the assets we had. a manager without a clue and nothing but contempt for the supporters and League one beconing for the first time in nearly 40 years.

The only real hope for Norwich City is a fresh start, I think they all need to pack the bags and if we have to start next season in league 1 without this board and manager and only freebie and youngsters and a manager who bleeds yellow and green.

without a fresh start there is no way I will renew my season ticket


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