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Tim Allman

Report from the Madjad

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A real battling performance from City and another heartbreaking loss. The team battled well, gave their all, and on another day could have drawn or even won. Unfortunately this could be the description of a number of City game this seasons.

We started in a 4-3-3 type formation (or a 4-6-0 for the cynical amongst us) and for the majority of the first half we were the better side. Rusty should have scored after a brilliant one touch pass-n-move, but got there too early, re-adjusted himself and fell over. Matty P should have scored with a header, but mis-judged it, and injured himself.

The Doc was imperious at the back, and Bertrand was very tidy, and showed what a good player he can be when he wants to.

We noted that Fozzy’s first forward pass was in the 41st minute, although he did block Harper''s shot which caused it to go wide.

We started ok in second half, but seemed to lose momentum in the middle when Matty P went off, although it was novel to have a focal point in attack – Cort was his replacement. The Sizeable (© that idiot City View writer) Cort looked big, strong, but not match fit, and a number of times the ball was around him but he lacked the sharpness to retain possession. Rusty was back in the hole position and became less effective, although he had a decent shot, well saved by their keeper.

As the game went on Reading looked to be the stronger team, and they carved out a couple of chances, but Marshall was rarely troubled.
I would have tugged Rusty or Fozzy after 75 or so, but Roeder kept the same team, and we looked to be heading for a point.

As regards the pen, I’ve seen it once only in my vantage position in Row AA. The ball bounced around and it appeared to me that Fozzy made a movement towards the ball with his arm/shoulder so I’m not at all surprised it was given. Of course I may be wrong and the lunchtime beers at Reading station may have dulled by ability to see what really happened.

Other observation - their second goal was quality and Kevin Doyle is a cheating XXXX. I asked one of their supporters about him on the bus back to the station, and I was told he played like that every week.

My man of the match was the Doc, with honourable mentions to Super Sammy, Bertrand and Crofty who looks a winger re-born.

We cannot keep on losing games like today, otherwise we’ll be in desperate trouble


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Thanks for the report Tim.

I didn''t go today but it''s disappointing that after three solid displays we''ve only gained three points. It''s looking more and more dodgy and we really must start putting some points on the board.

Saturday''s game v Charlton now assumes monumental importance..........If that one goes pear-shaped I''ll be glad I had a good session in '' The Fat Cat '' before KO.

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