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Patches OHoolahan

The one thing that should unite us

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Having read certain posts on how we can''t unite the fans in protest, or in outright support of the manager and board I feel i should point out one thing that should unite us. We are all Norwich fans, does this not mean that we should support our club, and that doesn''t mean the board, the manager or even specifically the players, it is the entity in itself that we must support. Although it''s been hard for me to get to games this season because of certain circumstances, when I go I choose to show my support for my club by singing my heart out. I realise that this might be new to the south stand but if a few people started maybe more and more would join in. I am not saying that we should all agree on what is for the best for our club, but why let circumstances such as disliking the manager or the board get in the way of loving our club, which I feel is best expressed through singing On the Ball City... or any number of other songs which you care to mention.

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