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No Quarter

Lets just beat them at least.....

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On Sunday, I will be putting my personal rantings to one side.  We have to beat those Ipswich ninnies.  I really don''t like em.  Then we can get back to business re: Roeder slinging his hook,  Delia selling up to me (and my euro millions win that WILL happen before January), the Barclay going back to terracing with a £4 on the gate admission fee, "sweets, chocolates, hot drinks" bloke getting his trolley back and generally going back to the late 80''s early 90''s vibe that I soooo miss.  Until then however, we MUST beat the scum.

"Onward Norwich City, marching as to war,

With the green and yellow, going on before,

Chrissy is our hero, Deehan is our king

Onward Norwich City, sing you bastards sing"

(who remembers that one???)

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