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Roeder says all the right things!

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I will never be won over by the arrogant man we now have “managing” our club but credit where credit’s due – he’s saying all the right things about the big game. For so many years we have had managers trotting out the old clichés about this being just another game, not preparing any differently, it’s important to the fans but the players treat it the same as any other game, it’s all about getting three points etc etc. Here, at last is a manager who comes out and says this is a huge game, it is a Cup Final, he wishes he could get out there and play himself, no need to motivate the players for this one (just as well I suspect!).

Good on you I say. Just a shame that the manager who finally comes out and says what we all want to hear is a permanent underachieving arrogant bloke with a poor team of borrowed players. All about timing I guess.......

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