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I wish it could be Crapswich every day....

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Well what a turn out. In the morning I was having some gentle banter with an Ipswich friend (yes friend) of mine from University days. He was saying that may the best team win and that he would be betting on the blues - but not a lot.

Not being a betting man - I had to agree that if I was to wantonly splash some wonga I would indeed be stupid to place hard earned cash on Norwich. I was very wrong and gladly so.

I was dreading the game to be honest. Being a season ticket holder this year has seemed somewhat pointless. I don''t enjoy the build up anymore, the game or the post-match banter. Glenn''s team have sucked all optimism out of me.

But what a game! Well done lads you made us feel proud and optimistic again!

Now I don''t like violence. In fact I abhor it. However living on Thorpe Road I couldn''t help but give the Ipswich coaches a little wave goodbye as they set off on their happy journey home. My family waved and smiled at the coaches. I also waved and smiled whilst giving them the "OK'' salute in one hand and the "Peace man" salute with the other hand. I didn''t quite understand the Ipswich salute back. It seemed to be something to do with "One" and a lot of ugly, contorted faces which looked like they were screaming something quite mean and un-sporting-like.

You try to be friendly eh.

When the snowman sings his song......

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