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Disappointed and Disillusioned? Then Demonstrate with me Tonight.

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Yes lets demonstrate by:Protesting vehemently should  this team ever suggest rolling over and capitulating. Let us moan and groan at any one player who gives anything less than all he has.Until that happens  channel your energy with me into vociferous support  for our team. Roar it out so bloody loudly  that Mr Warnocks ear drums pulsate painfully with the raucus battle cries of Norwich City supporters.Roar it out so forcibly  that Palaces Crystal is shattered and our teams adrenaline flow is peaking to leaking. Then expect blood and guts from the players in return.For  those who seriously believe that bringing the club down will somehow be a foundation on which to go forward I respectfully say to you that if you can read, look into the history books because it is not merely the simplistic logistic of who goes out which is the catalyst for success but more significantly who comes in. Do we wish for a benefactor or an administrator of last resort?Be mindful of the fact that the more success achieved the more likelihood of new money arriving and better results can only accelerate the changes that  every sincere supporter here is wishing for.For sure there is nothing new written here that has not been said before; even so a battle cry to rally round the flag at critical times ............Good luck tonight but please try not to salivate too freely when you are shouting and singing at peak volume.

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