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Norfolk canary

Starting 11 have your say

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With so much going on these boards about rodent not knowing his best starting 11 and people saying the fans would pick a better one, To which i agree with!!!

So lets do it now and see how much we actually agree. Bear in mind this is supposing EVERYONE is fit

Here is mine.



SEMMY                          STEFANOVIC                                KENNEDY                    BERTRAND




              CROFT                                                                                           BELL




                                      LITA                                           LUPOLI









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Ok are best team we can put out is this:                MarshallSemmy,   doc,   Stefanovic,   Drury                                ClinganCoft                                 Patty (patty going in field lots)                Hoolahan           Lita           Lupolisubs:Kennady, Bell, rusty (mabey in for Clingan) Renton, nelson

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