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Broadland 102 Mole!!

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Apparantly one of the broadland 102 pitch announcers at carrow road is a massive palace fan. Tommorow he will be wearing his palace shirt underneath his jumper and is planning to walk past the barclay towards the away fans with his jumper over his head revealing his true colours. When he reads the palace team out at the start of the game (his co-announcer is reading the city team) he is going to really big-up the palace players, and even pause after Andy Johnson''s name so the palace fans can break into their little Andy Johnson tribute song. Surely we can''t allow this to happen so im appealing for all City fans to boo louder than ever when the palace team is being read out. Not a nice thing to do but will add to the atmosphere and stop the palace mole having his little moment of glory. Can''t wait for tommorow and im sure it will be nothing short of a fantastic start to the season and an excellent 3 points to the super yellows.

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