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Dr. Ink

Roeder needs a deadline - turn it around or asta la vista

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I reckon this has gone far enough. After the forthcoming home defeat to the Tractors, Roeder must be held accountable. He should have a deadline set to turn things around, such as at the end of the year, and definitely before any more January loans are agreed.

He has had a chance and stated himself to judge him in 1 year. Well 1 year is up and we are in a worse situation than when he arrived. Less squad, less money, same dross on the pitch, same points tally.

Personally I would like to lose the loanees, unless 1 or 2 are genuinely needed as cover, and let the few promising young guys in the reserves be given the chance. This can only help, the results cannot get worse, and it will rapidly improve our youngsters increasing their value. I don''t buy this "too young or not ready" excuse pulled out by Roeder. Plenty of teenagers are playing at a higher level and developing very well. Just look at when Walcott & Rooney first came on the scene.

The reduced loanee wages for the rest of this season will cover any compensation for Roeder should he not accept that he has failed on the 2nd season of every team he has ever managed. 


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