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lucky green trainers

just how bad is our defence???

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having seen the goals we conceded on itv this morning, i was truly

shocked at what can only be described a ''relegation type'' defending...for

instance, i didn''t see a challenge come from yella jersey in all of em

- no bottle, no fight, standing off the opposition, gifting space to

opponents, not tracking runs, defenders rooted to the spot like musical

statues, and then when the goal is conceded, plenty of looking around

at each other as if to say ''how did that happen?''  lame or what??? if

anyone doubts it, we''re in trouble - the squad has got used to leaking,

cheap goals and look clueless on how to plug the gaps...for the

first, we had plenty of men in the box, in fact - you can spot the

sheff man simply running through a pack of city players and meeting the

ball fair and square - uncontested...there was no attempt to block, or

jump and compete///for the second, a simple 1-2 unlocks our

static defence, and although the doc runs with the scorer, he''s

standing off the geezer - in our pen area, allowing the sheff forward

to get his shot away - uncontested,,,for the third, a hopeful

bouncing cross threads its way over the far post, where an unmarked

sheff player cooley accepts the chance...sure, every team gifts

the odd goal here and there to the opposition, but to let 3

uncontested/undefended goals go in suggests we''ve got plenty of probs


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The full backs never tackle, Kennedy and the Doc are so slow as soon as you turn them we are stuffed ( hence why Kennedy was sent off ). In a nutshell, the worst ever !

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