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Ok - This is how I see it!

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I have never posted before and have been happy to sit back and read the, sometimes, irate ramblings on here.  Things have chagned though after yesterday!

I have the follwoing serious concerns:

1. David Marshall - Excellent shot stopper but is bereft of confidence and is scared to leave his six yard box!  I have lost count the number of times this season where we have nearly had major cock ups with his hesitancy in leaving the safe(ish) confines of six yard box!

2. Ryan Bertrand - Last season and the start of this season Excellent! Now - Rubbish!  Is it simply a lack of confidence or have we used that ability we seem to have to turn decent players into average crap in a very short time!

3. John Kennedy - See Ryan Bertrand

4. The Doc - Did Ok yesterday but was without doubt at fault for the first goal. YOU ARE SIX YARDS OUT FACING THE GOAL AND A BALL IS COMING ACCROSS YOU. Do you A. leave it or B. kick the bloody thingaway somewhere,anywhere! Note to Doc - B would be better rather than that useless piece of defending yesterday.

5. Mark Fotheringham - How can I sum Fotheringham up in one word...........It''s very difficult............USELESS is being kind!

6. Jamie Cureton - Always has been and always will be an average League One striker - one lucky season at Colchester and he returns a hero! Rubbish and not fit to wear the shirt.

7. Arturo Lupoli - Scored (Take note GR!) BUT looked so lightweight you could clow him off the ball!

8. Glen Roeder - Where the hell do I start!!! BELL IS A RIGHT MIDFIELDER YOU TOOL!

For the first time I woke this morning thinking League One is on the cards!

(climbs down off soapbox)

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