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We played well, Hucks goal was brilliant and showed absolute class and determination. Had Henry the french cat scored that for Arsenil then more would be said. Svenson looked ineffective on Sat but looked a little more into the game on MOTD in the evening (maybe I had drunk too much beer).
Francis played a blinder and seemed to be everywhere, Bentley really impressed, got forward well and is not afraid to have a go at players but the thing that most impressed me was that he got back and defended and broke down a few attacks on their part.
Greeno superb and defensively we looked good and solid. Their goal was well taken and is one of those things.
Even McVeigh appeared a lot more threatening and McKenzie came on and really threatened tham and I believe should start ahead of Svenson as was a lot more dominating.
If Svenson is not using his height to win the ball then he is a lot more ineffective and lacks McKenzie''s attitude for scoring.
A good game and more of that play will see us score goals, win games and we will remain where we have always belonged.

I love Delia

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