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My prediction for the season.

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At the start of the season we play some great football, but now it''s gone back to the Grant days.  We try to play good passing football which is a good thing, and we do play some good football in spells, but we are lacking so much quality.  Today the amount of passes that went astray was unbelievable.  Our side is league 1 quality.

And to be honest it''s not going to get much better is it.  We have got a point in our last four games and if you look at the fixtures coming up I cant see us getting many more points.  I am predicting bottom 3 by christmas, and ultimately relegation at the end of the season, you cant say we are to good to go down because we are good enough to go down.

There is something wrong with this football club and it needs sorting out, but unless someone like Mr Cullum comes in before Januray it''s not going to get sorted out.  I think we will go down, and I think we will get a takeover, but it will come to late to survive in this league.  I do believe though if we go down, this club will start a new era and things will get better, but I do not want us to go down.



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