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All Is Not Lost

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Cewe 3 Sunderland 0
Wimbledon 1 West Ham 1
West Brom 0 Reading 0 (I watched this on Sky and it was a dire game)
Burnley 3 Reading 0

Just a few results above which tells us once again that this league is wide open and all is not lost for City just yet. Yes we have just gone through our worst 3 performances of the season but we have come out of that still in second place although we have now played a game more than our close rivals behind us. Hopefully that is our poor spell out of the way but there again we have still to play the Christmas games so who knows. Just a few pointers to come out of last nights game:

1. Roberts and Mackay are past it and do not have the legs for the long haul. Mackay when he is beaten just fouls the player and Roberts apart form his few flick ons does not now hold the presence he used to and cant see him getting his 100 goals for city.
Shackell must be given his chance instead of Mackay (which he will get when Mackay suspended and Roberts must not now come on instead of one of our best players which Worthy sems to do now as a matter of course even when Crouch playing well).

2. I watched Drury during the second half and at no point did I see him try to gee up the team or have a go when a dire pass was made etc etc (which was nearly all night). Surely a Captain is there to get the team pumped up and this just re-emphasises my belief that he is not captain material.

3. Worthy substitution again beggars belief. Roberts for Crouch. Give me a break. Enough said on that one.

4. Am seriously having second thoughts ref Huckerby. On his own admission he was poor in the games against Watford and Preston and last night could not pass a barn door. Is it too much of a gamble for city to splash out so much money on what I am beginning to believe is a luxury player. Gordon Strachan said with Huckerby you never knew what player was going to play the game and lets face it if Rivers had played three games to the quality of Huckerbies performances we would have all been calling for his head. For me it is consistency we need not a player who plays for himself, does not go for 50-50 balls and has not won a header since he has ben here. Once he signs (if he signs) I think that he will be one of those players that plays one in three or four good games and that is not good enough and certainly City should not put all their eggs in one basket with him. Crouch and Harper are far better bets if it can be swung.

Lets just hope that Fortress Carrow Road is not now turning out to be a Fortress for the away teams and lets get back quickly to better performances otherwise it will not be long before we are in 7th position with Ipswich in 2nd because once again they seem to be putting it together and we were 7 points clear of them now we are 5 and they have a game in hand. As do most of the other teams beneath us.

Come on you yellows lets not falter now cos this league is as open as it ever was and we have the team to do they just have to justify that belief. Crewe will be another hard one as they are now putting it together but could be just the game we need to get back on track.

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Some excellent points bomber, and I would rather have the ponts in the bag than games in hand - all the teams down to 15th are capable of beating everyone else and certainly able to take a draw on their day so to be well placed through the season looks like being the key.

Any team who puts a good run topgether will either find themselves running away with the league or pushing themselves into the promotion/play off spots. In such an open season - which is fantastic to see even if a bit tense as a fan far better than the premiership - if we keep faith, forget about the last performance and doe sthe proverial one game at a time winning ways will return soon enough.

1. Agree with Roberts in particular. Mackay is like Roberts last season and Shackell should have been getting more introductions. However for most games Mackay is up to the task but unlikely to be so next year. His sending off last night was harsh from an atrocious ref faced with a player who thought he was Greg Louganis

2 Agree that on the field Drury was not vocal but he did keep getting forward. There are several potential on field leaders but last night no one looked to fire the players up and generally communication on the pitch was non existent - the likes of holt, flem and mackay are more than capable of starting this themselves.

3 Agree and I have commented elsewhere

4. For more than 4 weeks i have been comenting that Hucks should not be our main target. He is no playing like a player nearing the end of a loan period who feels that he has done enough to make an impression on either the host club or anyone else watching. I will faint if he actually makes a real attempt to head a ball in any challenge and the lack of comittment last night was appalling. I agree the service to him was poor but he was well marshalled by an average defence. I have to agree with you - and Crouch is the must keep player.

There is no need to panic - hopefully this is our dodgy spell and a return to winning ways against Crewe will mean that these performances are forgotten.


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