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A Worrying Night

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What a result from the lads, I am absolutely delighted with this, and hopefully it is the turning point in a season which could be really promising.

My worrying moment is this, as some of you may know I am at Uni in Leicester, and tonight I took up my role as barman at the Walkers Stadium, for the glamorous tie Leicester v Walsall. Now I get to watch the whole match, and let me tell you this, all of you who think we will get relegated or even want relegation should think twice. Leicester were at times outplayed tonight, in an absolutely terrible match, the only thing that saved them was Walsall''s keeper who decided that he would wonder around the box for every corner. They drew 2-2, and they were worked really really hard for the draw.

Now I''m not saying we wont go down, although I don''t think we will, but seeing this game tonight has made me realise that 1 step back is not the way to go about it, Leicester despite being 3rd now are going to find it a long tough season and it is not a guaranteed return to the Championship. It has really made me think, I do not want to be anywhere near League One, and you doubters who believe it is the best thing for us, or inevitable need to buck up your ideas. Because I tell you this, if we get there, it won''t be an easy ride.

Great result tonight though, brilliant stuff.

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