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Thanks to a top manager

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Thanks to Neil Warnock were not in the bottom 3, and unfortunately for all of you out there when a team is failing there is only one person the buck stops with and thats the manager, the team have no direction, no confidence and the manager is making some very strange decisions. I am pretty sure he was the one that went after Wes Hoolahan and now he isint playing him because they had a bit of a falling out, that''s a new way to give a player confidence? letting Hucks go when he could of signed him on a one year deal, but he is hell bent on removing everyone from the club that worked under Grant no matter how good they are.

For all of you with a good memory Grant had several players out injured, he then had the balls to walk rather than let the club suffer. When he left Roeder came in and had a lot of the injured players available and managed to save us by 3 points. Then he decided to have a mass clear out of players and staff, that''s worked hasent it! I think the words people like Ferguson and Wenger is continuity, we no longer have this.

The whole club is sliding, the Academy has now been attacked by him, the boys were getting good results at the start of the season but now that roeder and Stephenson have got rid of some very promising players and decided that Danny Kelly the center back is a striker they are getting beaten every week. It''s like looking at a mirror image of the first team as Russel is not a forward.

The Academy played Arsenal''s second string youth team today (yes I was there) and lost 3 - 2, we had 5 young pro''s playing and they had several 16 year olds playing.



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