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Green - 8 - Englands No.1, couldn''t do anything about either goal
Helveg - 7 - steady, kept Giggs fairly quiet
Fleming - 7 - good solid performance
Charlton - 8 - positional play was excellent, looked like a class player
Drury - 7 - the usual
Jonson - 6 - looked off the pace a bit, should have closed Giggs down for their goal
Francis - 9 - just awesome, Viera style performance, MOM
Holt - 5 - very poor first touch, off the pace, misplaced passes
Bentley - 7 - the left wing is not is best position, showed some nice touches
Hucks - 7 - on the ball looked great, put both Keane and Neville on their arses
Svensson - 5 - waste of space, no headers, no tackles, no passes, no point

McVeigh - 8 - great performance, looks strong and quick, great goal
The Doc - 7 - lots of promise, linked up play well, something that Svensson didn''t
McKenzie - 8 - sharp as a razor, caused MU lots of problems, deserves a start


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I agree with just about all of that. Interesting about Holt, I feel the same about his performance, but he''s never gonna get dropped is he? Could make it interesting when Saffri is fit - would like to see how well he does in the middle after hearing promising things about him during pre-season. Is Mulryne match fit or injured? Not even on the bench today - I felt he could of fitted in somewhere. Feel sorry for Svensson, yeah he didn''t do the business today and I hope he manages to start scoring the goals, but maybe his confidence is being affected as already we''ve got some fans on his back, seemingly forgetting what he did for us towards the end of last season, and we know what he''s capable of.

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i would agree with most of ur ratings and all of ur points. i would only change 3 ratings.

drury to 8-because he was quality today and no right winger could get past him. looks a very much a prem player already.

i would have to put jonson down to a 5 because he just wasn''t good enough today. im sure he will be soon enough but im just judging it on today, and he was our worst player along with svensson.

and i would put mckenzie down to a 7 simply because he wasn''t on the pitch long enough to do that much, and u can''t say he deserves as good as a rating as green and charlton.

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i agree james

Mckenzie did well in the time he was given. Doherty did more than sven did all afternoon.... And Drury never looked for one moment that he had never played a big team like manu before!

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im sorry but helveg and jonson need a kick up the backside, i know there new to the prem but most of our squad is! sorry but they were both awful, id give them both 4s! they lunged into every tackle not getting the ball even half the time, they were slow just didnt look like they are footballers!

holt was a little off the pace

svensson didnt do much, but i think he plays the role that fans dont see but is appreciated by NW and players!

the doc looked threatening, even though we bought him as centre half

fleming and charlton were played really well, read the game well

drury was solid

green is englands no.1

hucks never really got going in my view, but his pace did cause a few problems

Mckenzie should of started

bentley did ok!

francis was my man of the match! he was awsome!

the 1 thing that annoyed me bout last night was the sloppy passing, were usually so consistant that last night at old trafford we looked really sloppy!

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Green 9 - made some great saves
Helveg 6 - went from class in the palace game to a poor performance at old trafford
Fleming 6 - was at fault for alan smith goal
Charlton 8 - didnt step outta line, kept players onside for the first goal.
Drury 8 - never looked wrong
Jonson 5 - poor but can get better
Francis 9 - easily motm
Holt 5 - looked poor, safri will take his place when fit
Bentley 6 - great shot/....... if only.......
Hucks 7 - good game, a bit lost and frustrated in the first half
Svensson 3 - no comment......

McVeigh 8 - superb, this little masterclass came on and scored! Put him in worthy!
McKenzie 7 - given 7 but could easily had more, had a chance to level.
Doherty 8 - Had to give him 8 due to the fact: the time he was on he did better than Svenson did all afternoon!

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Green - 8
Helveg - 6
Fleming - 7
Charlton - 7
Drury - 8
Jonson - 5
Holt - 5
Francis - 9
Bentley - 7
Huckerby - 7
Svensson - 6

McVeigh - 7
Doherty - 7
McKenzie - 7

IMO, Jonson will take a while to settle - this is only his second game with any of his new team mates remember. Likewise with Helveg, although it is worth remembering he was up against Giggs.......

Francis was a colossus, simply awesome. Likewise with Drury - he looks easily good enough for this level.

However, although Svensson didn''t have a great game, I do think everyone is being a bit hard on him. The Sky commentary team noted that although he hadn''t hurt Utd, he had put in an awful lot of hard work during the game, making runs off the ball to create the space for Huckerby. He also didn''t have a lot to work with, we were right back to our worst with the aimless balls out of defence. I agree that on current performance Sven doesn''t look good enough for the step up, but some of the comments on here have a real ''witch hunt'' feel about them......

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I agree with most of above. Sven cost us the game. He never held the ball up, provided no threat to their goal and no trouble to their defense.

It was like we were a new team when he went off.

Holt can do a destruction job in the centre of Mid but his disrerbution was poor. I would definatly give Mullers a start when he is fit.

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