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Dean Coneys boots

We are a victim due to our foolishness

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Amidst all the scrutiny I think it might be fair to point out that a combination of poor managment, bad luck and greed have combined to place this once proud club into the doldrums. How so?

1) POOR MANAGMENT: a) It is criminal to sell your better players and replace with ever decreasing stock as you end up with no-one to sell and a sorry team.

                                            b) It is equally criminal given our current health to refuse negotiations with a billionaire

                                            c) The hiring of Grant - an experienced, cheap option- set us back and clearing his dross has led, in part, to our lack of transfer funds

                                            d) BUT MOSTLY the limp way we handled promotion. We aimed low and struck low. Ashton came too late

                                            e) Buying too many average players- then selling them in panic has left us with half a team and NO talent. last 2 yrs is Worst I have ever known,


2) BAD LUCK:                  a) GO back to the start of Prem and an injury to Mr. Gunn. I remain convinced he would have kept us up and we would have become a Villa size club

                                          b) We have slipped again just as the top fo the Champ pulls away from bottom


3) GREED:                        a) BIG clubs now buy any young talent to loan out. Thus smaller clubs miss out on permanent players and transfer fees. This has hurt us BIG TIME.

                                          b) the over inflated figures in football mean that players have too much power. All clubs pay big - our location becomes even LESS appealing.

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