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Mister Chops

All this "must be local" nonsense...

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From another Dick Ringworm piece:"The Central Trust pair had ''local'' on their side; that was always one

of the biggest cards in their hand - that and their place on the Sunday

Times Rich List.It was one of the charges that, privately, the couple would lay at

Peter Cullum''s door - that he would be an ''absentee landlord''; managing

Norwich remotely from his Kent fastness; appointing some anonymous

Towergate suits to run the club in much the same way that Ipswich

Town''s new owner Marcus Evans has his men on the board. He himself,

however, is notable more by his absence than his regular interaction

with the local community."
So how far are the current administration prepared to let the club drift into financial trouble before they realise that the world is round, not flat, and that you can leave Norfolk without needing a passport?  Who of the Stowmarket Two decided that the "right" person had to be from Norfolk?Little old Norwich indeed.  A local club for local people. 

Delia and Michael, this morning[img]http://www.bbc.co.uk/comedy/games/wallpaper/images/league640.jpg[/img]

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