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Chirping Canary

Striker Issue!

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Today, I thought was quite an assured, hard working and overall good performance, however (obvious maybe) I still think it is evident that unless we get two strikers urgently then we will be literally stuck in first gear all season and I cant understand how we haven''t even got one in!

I fully accept that without Cullem''s cash we can''t splash 3-5 million out on a striker, but Roeder''s claims of frustration in this area seem completely unfounded to me, for instance why couldn''t we of competed with the likes of Coventry for Clinton Morrison, Watford for Rasiak or Bristol City for Nicky Maynard to name, but a few! (these may not all be target men, but do know where the back of the net is which is more than can be set than our current crop of strikers). If we do have our ''ambition with prudence'' philosophy then why don''t we bid for Cameron Jerome or David Nugent on loan, both I think would be good and affordable too.

Elaborating on this issue, up front does seem a constant area of concern for us in recent seasons. We may have had the brilliance of Evans last season, the class of Ashton previously, the much more recent Dublin and Huckerby attacking threat, not to mention Earnshaws goal return the season before that, but what about the ones who seemingly got away, the likes of Healy who seemed inept in his short stay here and is now playing premiership football, Brown who looked totally useless for us and is now a fans favourite at PNE, Martin and at times Jarvis who have both had moments of quality (the former more than the latter) with one leaving because of incosistency and the other having to go out on loan to sort out his ''attitude''. To finish of the list of names: strikers such as Thorne, Cureton, Hayes, Lisbie, McVeigh, Strihavaka, McKensie, Neilson who all have had a goal scoring touch at some point in their career, but then totally lost it here, therefore surely is this not a coaching issue for why these players seeming lose the ability to score when at Carrow Road?

To conclude it does seem that we have the makings of a good team who play neat and tidy and look defensively solid, although as the above states unless we get at least one striker in who will stay for a couple of seasons scoring for fun then unfortunately I feel thats all we will have is neat and tidy football instead of points on the board.

Please discuss?

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