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What a load of TOSH.....

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just watched goals on sunday, and the panel on there said WHAT A LOAD OF TOSH about the ref`s excuse for not showing the red card, they all agreed that he should have gone, and if not then, he should`ve got a 2nd yellow for the tackle on leon, they also touched on would it have been the same if it was the other way round, i also think that there seems to be one rule for the big clubs and another for the clubs like us, it could have been so different if he had gone, they only had one defender left on the bench and he was a left back, i know its only a case of what if, but it could have been so different.
if you watched the game on telly like me, when they scored their 1st goal, did anyone else notice the bloke behind the goal with a norwich shirt on STANDING UP AND CHEERING their goal... what was that all about, he must be a really SAD git.....

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