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Why my positivity is dripping away

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I have been of a positive state of mind, backing Roeder''s judgement on the transfer front........ up until now.

I was prepared to wait when we all had the feeling that Glen was playing a trump card, he was surely going to bring in our star striker with the money he had saved on the previous transfers in pre-season before the first game of the season. He didn''t, but still we had the Iverson rumours saturating the message boards to keep our interest and hopes alive. At the same time, at not such a high rate, the suggestion of Rasiak being on Glen''s radar gave us the impression he had some real quality lined up should he make one of the previously mentioned trio a City player.

Now in the space of one day, the mood has turned. For me the fact that we have heard nothing official from inside the camp is the most disappointing thing. If someone, anyone, could come out and dismiss the targets we have missed out on, I would feel more like the club cared how the fans are feeling at this time. But I beleive they won''t for the simple fact that if they did, we would be shocked by the facts. That we have indeed missed out on our 3 top targets, we may not have a target man in by the end of the window and if we do it could be an untried lower league front man in the shape of Andy Bishop. Yes Bishop has scored goals, yes he may well have a good season, but can we take this risk? above all, is this the ''big name'' target we were promised, I certainly havn''t yet seen the eyebrower raiser that would make the league sit up and listen as of yet!

Now to rub salt into our wounds, Ipswich look set to secure the services of our number 1 target, Ameobi. I''m not sure that club officials will be able to hide their embaressment should this come to fruition, I''m sure they will try, through the usual channels of pleeding poverty. But we know the truth, if the board have memories as long as the supporters, they will remember the sanctioning the release of funds to ensure the services of Huckerby. Crouch and Harper and in turn the league title.

I have been SO, SO positive right up until this point, but no longer can I take the excuses and silence from Carrow Rd, I''m beginning to find it quite disrespectful to be honest. I think Delia and the board should look back in their cheque book to their rip off slips dated 2004, with the details of monies paid to Manchester City, take a look here http://www.bbc.co.uk/norfolk/funstuff/galleries/norwich_city_promotion/norwich_city_promotion_01.shtml or even just go out on a limb and do the right thing again....

sign our man!



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