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I take everything I said back!

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Ok we have looked at the other sides coming up WBA and Palace and have seen that they have been spending money on players.

One thing NCFC have got which IMO they haven''t is an established team which has great team spirit and a manager that beleives in his team.

This spirit and fight was shown last year in the now fizzy league and has been evident from the games we have played so far in the Premier league.

Do we think if Nigel had brought in another striker to the ranks it would say to the players that they were not good enough and de-motivate his side from the champions he made them last year??

Could this be great man management?? Time will tell???

We only have to look at the togetherness shown by Arsenal at the beginning and the end of the game with a team huddle very reminiscent of the Brazilian side and American football teams, admitly they have got the likes of Viera, Henry, Reyes etc but these players if managed wrong could have turned into primaddonas (not sure if I''ve spelt it right) and not play as a team??

Lets get behind the lads and show togetherness off the field with the fans and our support for the team - We can make a difference, our support from the stands is the key this year!

OTBC Never mind the danger!!!!

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true we haven''t signed as many as Palarse or worst brom.. who cares..

Dowie.. knows only too well he will be shown the door by the chairman if results go really wrong, he has a fickle chairman behind him who isn''t interested in the club, like ours is, he was ready to sell the club just after winning the play offs.... panic..panic

worst brom and smegson... this is his last chance..having been up and down and then up. he knows this is it..survive or sling your hook. no matter who he buys they will probally play the same way.. **** or bust

What we have got is all round versatility, and a squad that is capable of getting back up if needed......

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