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Pressure on the big man

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And so it seems that whoever our target man may be, he will come under immediate pressure to enable us to score goals. 

Sure, there will be some fan pressure and expectancy, but I would expect that to be more likely to fall onto Roeder, as it is his responsibility to bring in someone who can help the forward line.  And, despite some of the comments on here, I think we are all level headed enough to understand that this guy cannot be solely responsible for the team''s fortunes.

The real pressure on the target man will be from the rest of the squad.  It seems that, instead of grasping the opportunity to give the manager a selection nightmare when the big man comes in, the strikers are readying themselves for rotation as the big man''s strike partner.  And they are just praying that the big man will improve their game.

So whoever it is will come in and will have to try to bring on the other players as well as concentrate on his own game and I can''t help but think that this could all end up being too much.  Also let''s not forget a possible scenario of the big man getting injured.  Then what?  Back to trundling along, not scoring until the big man is fit again?

I can''t honestly believe that it is Roeder''s one sole tactic to have a big man / little man front pairing, but it seems like perhaps it is the only tactic the players are paying attention to.

I know it''s only two games in, but no goals and a defeat to an average championship side and a league 1 side should be ringing alarm bells.  The game against Blackpool has already become a pressurised game and if we still don''t have a target man will any of the strikers we have step up to the mark and take responsibility for scoring?

I feel that this big man scenario has placed an unfair amount of pressure on whoever he may be, as he is being lined up as our saviour, when the pressure should be on those players that are actually representing the club now to show some passion and work hard to get the goals.  The feeling that I get is is when it comes to the crunch, most of the players will be looking to each other for something special.  Only Russell seems to have the belief that he can be the one to make a difference...and he''s on the bench...


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