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The Great Drinkell

Can anybody answer me this one

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With the exception of the Jarvis goal against Watford, When did we last score a scrappy tap in from two yards. If and it is an if we don''t secure the services of any of the present loanies - and to be honest after the double footed tackle against Derby Harper could have gone then for me - We should be looking for a player in the mould of Iwan who will get hurt in return for 20 goals a season. One player who seems to fit this mould is Steve McClean of Scunthorpe. With the spritley McVeigh or Jarvis along side may be this would be the type of gamble we should take- it should also be with in the financial restraint we need to maintain.
Just in case any of you don''t understand the sort of goal i mean an example was the goal that Iwan scored against Wolves at Carrow Rd during our Play off season (league game not play off game.) To be honest this is probably the last tap in I can remeber prior to Mr. Jarvis''s historic goal.

Your thoughts and suggestions please

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