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Who pays?

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The following is taken from a coaching session on how to set up your business to give you the result you want.

During the marketing workshops last week I spontaneously invented Teams A, B & C.

Team A – your family

Team B – your staff

Team C – your clients

And then I asked my audiences, “Who pays?”

Who pays for the building?

Who pays the wages?

Who pays for the direct costs of your business?

Who pays for the overheads?

Answer, of course – Team C – the clients pay for everything. Sounds obvious?

Well let’s think…….

Question – when your direct costs last increased, how soon did you pass that cost on to Team C?

Question – when your paid staff extra wages or a bonus, how soon did you pass that cost on to Team C?

Question – when you bought a new piece of equipment or technology…..

And so it goes on.

I have a suspicion or two:

a. That you may not have accurately calculated your prices so that Team C pays for everything a year in advance? That’s because you don’t prepare cash flow forecasts a year in advance and you don’t plan your time a year in advance – so you don’t know how much money you have to make and how much time you have to make it in?
b. That you never ask Team B to pay for this – because that would be a revolution!
c. That you most often ask Team A to pay (your family), in the sense that you don’t enjoy the lifestyle you really want, you don’t invest, you don’t take holidays, and you don’t go home when you should?
d. That you recruit a Team D – (the bank, credit card, asset finance or loan company) to pay for Team A – which means that Team A suffer over the longer term).

So I’m on a bit of a campaign at the moment – to make sure that Team C pay for everything – and, of course, that you deliver world-class products, services and customer service – so that they are delighted to pay.

Does that sound like a plan?

Coaching Tip: ALWAYS ask – “who is paying for this – Team A, B or C?”

The point is we, the supporters, are team C. If we want to watch the likes of Huckerby and Crouch we have to pay for it. Are we prepared to pay an extra £5 admission to each game or add £100 to the cost of our season ticket. That way the income is there year after year not just a one off injection in the hope that it will pay off.

Every home game for me is around trip of nearly 500 miles and costs me about £75 in total so another £5 doesn''t make much difference. But what about a young family of say two adults and two kids. We need the kids to come as they are the supporters of the future. I''m sure there are 20 or so posters to this board that would say OK i''d do that to see better players every week but would 25000 see it that way. If they did it would generate another £125000 every home game.

Taking out loans to pay for players now is a short term solution with long term problems. Raising the admission fee is long term as long as the club deliver first class service on the pitch.

Anyone prepared to go for this or am I a turkey voting for Christmas?

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I''ll do it. £5 a week is a bargain for some quality players. I that for my tv licence plus cable, and there''s about 20 mins of quality football a week at best!

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Basically you''re saying would you be prepared to pay an extra £5 a match to see a Norwich team play that has more chance of winning than they had at this time last season.

I can''t see anyone complaining about that!!

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