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For England, Harry and St George.....

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So £4.6m in red in year to 31st May 2003.

Anyone else spot this in the report...

"There is also slight mitigation in the fact that the 2001-02 accounts reported on only an 11-month period. If they had shown the full 12 months, an additional £900,000 would have been removed from this year''s loss."

So why have they done that? Is it in order to add £900k into this years finances because we are due for a heavy fall again next year?

Also - re the share offer - if they knew they were going to do a share offer - why have they left it to the point that the sums raised will only be known by Jan 7th? Why wasn''t the scheme offered a month earlier at the start of Nov so that monies were in by the time the loans terminated?

However, I''m with Mook when it comes to our finances.

I''ve been coming to Carrow Road for over 30 years, and I want to go for the next 40. I want my children, my childrens children and beyond, to be able to experience the same love and passion I have for Norwich.

Priority at the moment has to be long term survival. A business cannot sustain losses year on year without going bust. (Athough there is a valid argument that says that we should have gone into administration a time back - not that I advocate that tactic)

We all want to get back into the Prem, fans, board, players - everyone. Its an insult to say otherwise.

Will all our loyal fans dissappear if we stay in Div 1, or do a yo-yo to the Prem and back down again - one word - no. We''re hooked - its our religion - and we''ll be back to cry OTBC whatever division we are in. We''re real fans.

Despite my point about the new share scheme, I''m sure everything that can be done is being done and I for one support the board in their efforts. This, thankfully, is no longer a Chase era.

The share scheme seems as if its being sold as a ''Player Fund'' and Huckerby/Crouch/Harper or not - it should give Worthy some much needed cash in the New Year at least, to try and keep us on track.

25 games to go - 36 points should see us in the playoffs, 50 in the Prem

Everyone who said they would chip in to buy Huckerby, now has their chance to put their money where their mouth is - not everyone will, and not everyone can - but it will all help - who knows whether it will work out in the end - but thats the whole reason we go isn''t it - if we wanted to be passionless, gutless, whinging, prawn sandwich eating fans we''d all go to watch ManUre.

So for "England, Harry and St George....." COME ON YOU YELLOWS!!!

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NMTD, to answer two questions, as I recall the 01-02 accounts were truncated at 11 months in order to get the share offer out as the offer can only be made with the latest declared accounts. That also explains why this one wasn''t done a month earlier.

There you go: no cock-up, no conspiracy. Just the rules of the game.


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