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butch p

Incompetent DJ -ing

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Ok before i send this off to the club, can i have the opinion of people on this forum please?

What do you honestly think of the DJ-ing at Carrow road? as someone who knows about audio engineering/mixing etci will try and provide some insight etc:

I think it is very poor, along with the music choice

Yes, having stuff such as Queen that anybody can listen 2 is fine, but having quite hard rock (No Doubt etc) is a matter of personal taste, not the easy listening it used to be.

Also, the quality of mixing is poor imo (if anyone wants this explained further please say) - The high part of the mid range is to high, and should be turned down - on a conventional mixing disk this involved moving a switch round - surly not to hard.

Also do we need live remixes?

Anyway i could rant more, but let me no wot u think and wot is wrong and i will write to the club along wiv sum suggestions taken from my own knowledge

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