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"Ambitions' got nothing to do with it"

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How many times have we heard threads that imply that the boards got no ambition for NCFC. I say the facts are that they are solidly in debt to the sum of 20 million. To get to this level of debt says it all. Ambition has got us to the point we are now 2nd in the league, on the back of years of poor performances and bad results and poor management and board mistakes for several seasons now past. I believe that we are at a point where we can see that at last common sense prevails at board level, and we are just a hard up first division club, never mind the state of others in this division. This last share offer has been made by a shrewd board, I feel a little belatedly, They the board, that is, are saying to us, "right, you, the supporters, keep saying to us, where''s your ambitions, What about you as supporters, you show us, by putting your hands in your pockets and invest in the club shares that we now offer, because we as a management group are not prepared to go further into debt on your behalf to drop further into a Leeds scenario". What''s our answer to this. Come on posters'' what do you think?

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